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The data that Lify gathers through its car black box, matched with the rest of Lify data, can help automakers identify design flaws and point out what makes cars more desirable and better performing.

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Automakers spend more than $100 billion globally each year on R&D, ranking the auto industry ahead of other technology driven industries1. A significant part of this amount is spent gathering information about customers’ behaviors and preferences to identify which features to introduce. Gathering this type of data is often expensive and time-consuming, this is why integrating Lify’s data can help automotive companies to reach better insights more easily.

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An automotive company would be able to monitor and compare the driving patterns of customers who drive both their cars and competitor cars, such as acceleration, average speed, fuel consumptions, air quality, temperature in the car and much more.

By gaining insights into how consumers drive their cars and which features of each car model they use the most, car manufacturers can improve the efficiency and quality of vehicles according to what consumers consider most important.

Case example for Product enhancements
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Lify’s wide data can significantly help car manufacturers to better understand the wants and needs of automotive customers, leading to the development and design of much better products.

The potential impact of similar uses of data are extensive, higher customer satisfaction is likely to lead to higher retention, increased word of mouth and better reviews.

All this is expected to increase demand and revenues for your company.

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