Preventive Analytics

Car black box data on Lify can help car manufacturers detect quality issues or upcoming defects before they occur and use that information to notify customers and prevent any problem with the vehicle.

The problem Knowing the problem is half the solution

Any vehicle malfunctioning represents a huge loss for automotive companies. Loss in reputation, as customers may complain about the vehicle with friends and on the internet, but also financial loss, when the vehicle is still within its warranty period. Using Lify’s real time data and taking advantage of the mobile application, car manufacturers can identify issues before they occur and notify customers in advance.

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Case study example A picture of the best case scenario

A large automaker could, for example, buy the vehicle information and driving behavior of all customers who use their vehicles.

They could then continuously monitor that information and automatically send warnings to customers who are about to experience a problem (discharged battery, faulty motor, used up tires, oil change needed etc..).

This additional service could provide tremendous value for customers, thus increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

This data would also reduce costs from recalls when faulty vehicles are sold, because it would allow to immediately identify the problem.

Case example for Preventive Analytics
Reduce vehicle recalls, boost customer satisfaction Embrace Lify's benefits

Reducing the incidence of vehicle’s malfunctioning can provide astounding value for car manufacturers in several areas. From a cost’s standpoint, it will lead to a reduction in vehicle recalls and a reduction in warranty claims with all the costs associated.

From a marketing point of view, the company’s brand would experience a large positive spike, as customers would be satisfied with the additional service provided.

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