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Lify’s wide variety and extensive quantity of data, can help the automotive industry to dramatically improve its segmentation, targeting and overall marketing strategy by increasing customization.

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“In the U.S., total automotive marketing spending is about $35 billion per year and climbing, with roughly 10% of automotive sales consumed by marketing expenses”1. With car sales expected to slow down in the coming years2, it is imperative for auto manufacturers to make sure that marketing spending is allocated in the wisest and most efficient way. For that purpose, Lify’s data can be of tremendous value.

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With Lify, automakers can aggregate information about income, driving patterns, location, family situation and more. Therefore, gathering new information that allows to create more detailed and specific segments of their customer base, understand their needs and figure out how to best serve them.

In addition, they could gain specific information about potential new customers to personalize marketing communications and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, thus taking potential customers away from competitors.

Case example for Personalized Marketing
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10% of automotive companies’ revenues is currently being spent in generic marketing and advertising campaigns that are often widely displayed to all customers.

Imagine how useful it could be to be able to direct those marketing dollars to exactly the customers who are looking for a car, knowing what type of car they are looking for and their other preferences.

It would revolutionize the advertising world, significantly increasing marketing effectiveness and ROI.

Lify allows you to do just that.

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