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Optimizing R&D investments

Pharmaceutical companies can leverage Lify’s data to discover trends in real time and redirect R&D investments to the most profitable and demanded segments.

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In 2017, pharmaceutical companies devoted nearly $157 billion to research and development investments1. Due to the massive costs and risks associated with developing new drugs, it is now essential to leverage the power of data to identify the most lucrative opportunities for new drugs development.

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By aggregating health data such as heart beats per minute, medical history, current diseases, drugs used, fitness activity and Google searches, pharmaceutical companies can learn to predict which drugs will be most demanded and bring them to the market.

This would not only guarantee more secure investments but also faster returns and a constant step ahead of the competition.

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The success of major drug companies is almost wholly dependent upon the discovery and development of new medicines. Lify’s data can help your company reduce risk of research and development by indicating the most needed areas of research.

Which in turn will help your company to develop drugs that will be more useful to patients and more profitable to you.

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