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Lify’s accurate selection of health and habits data allows pharmaceutical companies to create detailed profiles of patients, monitor them and alert them when their health values are on trend to reach dangerous levels.

The problem Knowing the problem is half the solution

“Non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease account for about 7 out of 10 deaths in America and are responsible for nearly 75% of America’s health spend1. Preventive medicine can help reduce these numbers”. Partnering with Lify today, pharmaceutical companies can begin monitoring patients and offering preventive solutions.

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Working with Lify, taking as an example the risk of heart disease, your company would be able to continuously monitor the health and heartbeats per minute of a large number of individuals and set up automatic communications to be sent whenever the resting BPMs start to get close to 90 per minute (or any other figure).

The message could provide an offer on the newest tachycardia prevention drug, explaining that preventing the problem is easier than curing it once it advances.

Case example for Offering preventative solutions
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The example above shows very simply the immense potential of using Lify’s real time data to take a step forward in the path of preventive medicine.

The potential of such partnership would be invaluable for millions of patients, who would be able to recognize a chronic disease in advance and save their life.

All this also means that sales of prevention drugs will skyrocket.

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