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Improved Clinical Trial studies

Conducting accurate clinical trial studies is among the most important things that pharmaceutical companies can do to ensure long term success. With Lify your company can easily conduct more rigorous and accurate studies.

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Until now, testing new drugs or other health recommendations has been complicated and expensive because of the many difficulties involved in monitoring patients in their day-to-day life. Today, companies can use Lify’s data to continuously monitor patients in real time, check how they respond to a new drug, if they are complying with the treatment and much more.

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The next time your company wants to conduct a clinical trial, it can take advantage of Lify’s data on health, medical history, fitness levels, demographics and more to identify the appropriate patients to participate in the trial study of a new drug.

During the trial, patients can be monitored in real time to rapidly identify safety issues or signals requiring action to avoid significant and potentially costly problems.

24/7 monitoring can also allow to assess whether the patient is complying with the prescription (i.e. taking the drug, doing a certain amount of physical activity etc...).

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Conducting clinical studies is sometimes the most complicated and expensive thing that pharmaceutical companies do.

Leveraging the power of Lify’s real-time data can make a significant difference in improving the accuracy of studies, advancing medicine and developing more effective drugs to help more people and increase sales.

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