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Customer acquisition for Direct-to-consumer strategy

Lify’s data can provide Direct to Consumer (D2C) companies with a new wealth of information, including contact information and details about potential customers who were not on the company’s radar yet.

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Until now Direct to Consumer CPG companies have been mostly acquiring their customers online, through ads, SEO and email marketing. Although these methods have proven effective in the early days of online marketing, things are changing; online ads are more expensive, and the SEO war is more competitive than ever. Lify’s data can give your D2C company a hedge over your competitors.

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Case study example A picture of the best case scenario

For example, a D2C company selling protein shakes online usually advertises and reaches out to customers who have researched keywords related to protein, healthy eating etc...

However, there’s a huge amount of other potential customers who always buy protein products in retail stores and do not research them online.

With Lify’s data on habits (work outs), diet (high protein) and location (goes to the gym), this protein shake company would obtain the contacts of thousands potential customers to reach out to, in addition to many other detailed information to improve conversions on the campaign.

Case example for Customer acquisition for Direct-to-consumer strategy
Obtain a pool of brand-new, high-potential customers Embrace Lify's benefits

The potential of Lify’s data for online D2C companies is enormous.

Imagine how much you could boost sales if you had access to thousands of high-potential customers’ contacts before your competitors.

To make things even easier, Lify would provide you with a lot more detailed information about each customer, to allow you to customize your message and offer based on each individual customer’s preferences.

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