Automated life-event marketing

Successful marketing is about targeting the right person, at the right time, and with the right message. Matching data from Lify and from customers, insurance companies can create marketing tools to take advantage of customers’ big life events.

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A 2016 study by Royal Mail Data Services shows that only 50% of marketers recognize the importance of life-event marketing, and even fewer (24%) are taking advantage of it. This has been because of the difficulty associated with gathering such specific data in real time. However, with Lify, gathering data in real time is now much easier, providing a tremendous opportunity for insurance companies.

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For example, an insurance company based in Italy with a Lify subscription can create automated promotional messages for customers who recently acquired a house, proposing a favorable house insurance policy.

Thus, without any effort, every time Lify users purchase a new house, a promotional offer will reach his phone proposing the policy.

Similar things could be set up for the purchase of any other property (such as car, boat or motorcycle), for marriage, for the birth of a baby, for a graduation, once someone reaches driving age and more.

Case example for Automated life-event marketing
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It is very clear how, using life-event marketing can greatly improve marketing campaigns’ effectiveness and increase conversion rates. When customers know that they will need to purchase a product in the near term (house insurance), they become much more receptive and open to learning about new offers.

Since Lify feeds data in real-time to your company’s database, it can help you reduce marketing expenses by automating marketing campaigns based on different life events.

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