First of all: ethical data.

Gain high-quality and consensual data

The reputation of the data industry has been steadily declining over the past few years; more and more consumers know that there are companies trying to deceive them to capture their data without any consent. Indeed, companies buying data collected in such unethical ways are, in our opinion, disrespecting their own customers.

With Lify, we are proud to introduce the concept of ethical data purchasing.

In this new model deception is never involved, rather, consumers are given full control of their data; they can always decide what information to share, they have full awareness and agree to their information being sold for commercial purposes.

Ethical Data

Data You can buy

Enjoy a wide sample of data

‍We aim to be the only data provider your company will ever need, giving you access to a large (and expanding) variety of data; from technology usage and physical activity to health conditions and spending habits, we make sure that on our platform you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

We divided all our current collectible data in the 14 categories below, which also provide some examples of data types within each category.

Demographic data


some examples are: name, gender, age, address, marital status, children, etc…
Body data


some examples are: height, weight, shoe size, etc…
Contacts data


some examples are email and phone contacts, etc…
Work and Income data

Work and Income

some examples are: current and previous jobs, sources and amounts of income, etc…
Education data


some examples are: highest education level, type of degree, etc…
Financial data


some examples are insurance and bank information and investments, etc…
Properties data


some examples are real estate and vehicles owned with their respective values, date of purchase and more information, etc…
Lifestyle and hobbies data

Lifestyle and hobbies

some examples are books read, movies watched with relative rating, favorite music genres and artists, dietary preferences and habits, etc…
Social and app data

Social and app

some examples are social media data for each social network used, websites visited, banking apps used, fitness apps used, etc…
Health data


some examples are health situation, diseases, allergies, drugs used, and surgeries, etc…
Phone data

Phone data

some examples are phone model, language used, operating system, phone usage (hours usage, list of installed apps, camera, microphone, altimeter) , etc…
Mobility data


some examples are: GPS, miles travelled, type of transportation, average speed, air quality, car condition, etc…
Habits data


monitor user everyday activities: eating, drinking, exercising, driving, etc...
Home data


model, usage, music preferences, purchase history, search history, routines, etc...

And many more!

Data quality

Accurate and immediate data stream

By default, our model ensures that the data you purchase through Lify is accurate.

While Data Brokers capture data from many different sources and try to piece it together (incurring in high risks of corrupt data), we collect data from its primary source - users.

Data is collected automatically, every second, as the user generates it, thus ensuring its correctness. There is no possibility for the user to provide inaccurate information or to cheat, once again guaranteeing that the data you purchase on Lify is of the highest quality available.

Stay updated
High-quality and accurate data
Aggregation and filter data dashboard

Data aggregation

Filter for specific data types

More than just providing high-quality data, we give you access to the tools and software we developed to help you get the most out of your purchase.

The Business Intelligence solutions integrated in our platform easily permit to search query data, apply filters for advanced analysis and present findings in summarized, visual formats that are easy to understand and interpret.

Our platform currently gives you access to over 120 different data types, each of which can be used as a filter to search more specific data, providing millions of different combinations of data aggregations.

Data pricing

Simple and intuitive model

Our pricing model for data is handled by our algorithms based on a few, simple principles:

Supply and Demand
Like in other marketplaces, supply and demand determine the price of each data type (i.e. heartbeat, location, interests, etc..), providing the most efficient and fair price possible.

Number of filters used
When combining data types as filters, each additional filter will cause the price to increase. For example, buying one line of heartbeat data of someone living in Rome, costs less than one line of heartbeat data of a person living in Rome who exercises and is over 35. Clearly, the second alternative is more informative and thus costs more.

More generally, prices on the Lify Marketplace are in line with those of traditional data brokers, with the difference that:

  • Our data is significantly more accurate.
  • Our data is collected in an ethical way.
  • Data purchases can be easily completed in in 5 minutes.
  • You can visualize, analyze and download data from everywhere, you only need an internet connection.
Model for data pricing