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We know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to purchase consumer data. To make things worse, data today is usually inaccurate as it’s forcefully taken from individuals without their consent.‍

This is why we created Lify Data Marketplace.

We are making data purchasing easier, more intuitive and more ethical. The process is very simple and takes less than 10 minutes.

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The first Ethical Data Marketplace
Easy high-quality data purchase

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Easy and simple by design

As simple as buying anything else online; sign up, log in to the data marketplace and select the data you would like to purchase.

We support you in every step of the process, providing you with different filters to select your data, showing you stunning visualizations and offering insights into the data you purchased.

Our top-level features

Clear and high quality service
How it works
How it works

Purchasing data has never been easier. Filter based on location, age, interests, health and many more, and combine all the filters to obtain exactly the data you are looking for.


Our data marketplace is intended to become your primary resource for purchasing data and satisfy all your data needs. Here you can find a variety of data; from health, to lifestyle habits, preferences and technology usage.

Purchase or Stream
Purchase or Stream

Purchase historical data from a specific time period of your choice or stream data with a subscription. Streaming gives access to data continuously as it is gathered, updating your database in real time.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

To help you gain better insights from your data, we developed an analytics tool enabling you to create stunning visualizations and graphs directly online. The platform also recommends useful data based previous purchases.

Safe & Easy
Safe & Easy

Purchase consumer data in total anonymity with a few clicks. No need to talk to customer representatives or go through lengthy processes. Simply log in, select the data you need and check out.

Manage your data
Manage your data

Purchased data is all available in the Dashboard, where it can be easily sorted, filtered, visualized and downloaded in a variety of formats (.xls, .csv, .json and more).

Business intelligence

Gain better insights thanks to our data analytics tools

Our Business Intelligence solution allows you to visually explore your data immediately after you completed your purchase. You can create amazing interactive visual reports to help you quickly gain insights from your data and share your results with your team. All the reports and graphs created can easily be downloaded, shared and incorporated in presentations.

Lify is much more than a platform that gives access to vast amounts of high-quality data.

One of the most useful additional services that we offer is our advanced, online data analytics tools. With amazing, built-in visualization capabilities (including interactive graphs), our online tool allows you to visually analyze your data and gain the insights you need within minutes after your purchase.

To allow you to create stunning and unique designs we partnered with some of the best data visualizations designers.

In addition, our tool, guided by experienced Machine Learning algorithms, is able to provide you recommendations on the type of graphs that best fits your data or on the type of data that you are missing that could be useful to include in your analysis. These algorithms will continuously get better for you based on your preferences, the trends in your industry and the new data available.

Business intelligence with high-quality analytics tools
Data insight and aggregation through the market indexes

Market indexes

Dive into the market's trends

Just like any other market, Lify Data Marketplace is governed by the forces of demand and supply. This means that the price of a particular type of data contains a wealth of information about the trends in the market that can greatly benefit your business.

We decided to make that information available to all our premium customers on our Market Indexes section!

Similar to the Stock Market Indexes, in this section you can see the current price and historical trends for each type of data on the market. Here, you can also sort data based on price and filter it according to other attributes to help you understand what data and data aggregations are most demanded in different geographic locations and different industries.

But the Market Index section it’s not only about data prices, trends and demand; it tells you much more. For example, there you will be able to see how many users are sharing their data and from which locations, how many GB of data are collected every second and much more.

Never worry about GDPR again

Safe, high-quality and ethical data purchase

Data purchased through Lify is, by definition, always compliant with EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. This is because for any piece of data that is collected, the following conditions always apply:

  1. Consumers own the data and have full control over it.
  2. Consumers can choose exactly what they share, line by line, fully aware of what is being shared.
  3. Personal data can only be transferred to a company after consumer consent has been given to share that data.
  4. Data is securely stored according to all the safety regulations required internationally for personal information.
  5. Consumers are made aware of Lify’s purpose and aware of the fact that by agreeing to share their data, this will be sold to different organizations.
  6. Users manually authorize every line of data they want to share. Therefore, independently of how sensitive the data is, users can always decide what to do with it and have the right to share it and sell it.
  7. If a user demands it, as their right, Lify will delete any trace from its system and every database.
  8. The methods used to transfer data among Lify and its customers comply with all EU regulations, thus also with GDPR.
  9. Data about companies who buy data, their purchases and their strategies are also protected by Lify, for professional secrecy but also according to GDPR’s regulations.
  10. Lify transfers, to every organization that purchases data, the responsibility to store and manage it in compliance with the regulations in place in the country of origin of the data. If necessary, Lify can also support data buyers to comply with regulations.
  11. Lify’s strict adherence to GDPR will be guaranteed by an audit performed by PwC.
  12. Lify respects and protects its users and data buyers both from a legal and ethical standpoint.

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The easiest way to learn more is to sign up and start browsing the data marketplace. You can see what data is available, experiment using different filters and take advantage of the recommendations we provide based on your industry and location.

If you already logged in and you still have some questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, a member of our team will be happy to support you.

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