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Introducing Lify, an online data marketplace for high-quality, ethically sourced data.
As easy to use as your favorite e-commerce website.

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Lify service for the customers

At Lify, everything is centered around our customers – Data Buyers.

We put great effort ensuring that companies buying data from us have a seamless experience and obtain useful, applicable insights.

To make that possible we found a way to gather the most premium, high-quality data and make it available through an easy-to-access, online platform.

In addition to that, we provide an array of complementary services for our customers: live support, business intelligence & data visualizations, suggestions and additional data insights.

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Lify's Machine Learning algorithms

How does it works

Our model is centered around Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that work in the background performing a variety of different tasks.

Most importantly, our algorithms clean up corrupt data and optimize it before it is purchased. This ensures that companies buying data from us will always receive clean, ready-to-use data.

Other algorithms are meant to support companies in their purchasing decisions and data analytics process; this will be done through ML that aggregates and analyzes data, providing you with recommendations and insights.

Our pricing model also takes advantage of ML algorithms that, based on the supply and demand for each specific type of data (heartbeat, location,interests, etc..), provides the most efficient price.‍

Data Market Indexes

Data Market Indexes

The Lify Data Marketplace includes a section dedicated to data market indexes, where you can see the price trends for each type of data sold on the market.

The marketplace index section will also show which are the best-selling data and the most requested data aggregations in different geographic locations and for different industries.

This will empower you to stay competitive and search for additional insights.

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Our pricing model is based on a few, simple principles.

First, supply and demand determine the price of each data type (i.e. heartbeat, location, interests, etc..), providing the most efficient and fair price possible.

Additionally, when using different data types as filters to find more accurate information (i.e. heartbeat of all the people living in Rome, who exercise and are over 35), the price will increase, considering all the filters that have been applied.

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Ethical Data Marketplace

Ethical Data Marketplace

Most companies today are trying to be a force of good.

However, until now, in order to better serve their customers, businesses had to comply with the current model and purchase data from Data Brokers, renowned for often taking data without consumers’ consent or knowledge.

With the introduction of Lify, we are finally providing an alternative: Ethical Data Purchasing, which rewards the creator of the data and is obtained with his/her full consent.

A new model that is better for people and for businesses.

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